Snow  Moon  Series

4 part novel to film series inspired by Author Alexandria Altman's novel, Cinderella Chronicles.

Snow Moon Awakening - Hunter's Moon Rising - Crystal Moon and Two Thumbs


Where It All Began: ​​

It was 1991 Beverley Hills California, Alexandria Altman was at the time married to a very famed inventor and video game maker who was also an entrepreneur in the world of movies and music where they worked with many of the names of Hollywood as well as owning their own Nascar racing Team and Alexandria, her own Record Label Company.

For the last 10 years Alexandria's series has been in development with 4 novels and has been in the hands of a Hollywood Agency seeing some changes along the way.  

A few to have seen the original cover are:  George Lucas, Nora Efron and the Sheinbergs from Universal Pictures who were close friends of Alexandria and her family.

After years in development Snow Moon Series which is inspired by Alexandria's original novel Cinderella Chronicles, is now coming to fruition with never before seen characters as well as digitally enhanced characters that children, tweens and teens as well as the older generation are all going to love.

Twenty years of Ms Altman's hard work and dedication to her project is now coming to life with Oliver Stone's son, Sean Stone as Director, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Cinematographer Bruce Logan, along with Planet of the Apes, Nils Allen Stewart as Stunt Director.

As Alexandria's International Agent I have seen some of the characters that are mind blowing and cannot wait to show you all soon as this series steps in to final stages..

Enjoy the ride as Alexandria Altman and Cinderella Chronicles present Snow Moon Series.